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Does a Solair® Awning really make it cooler on my deck or patio?
Yes. Up to 20 degrees cooler in fact. It can also lower the inside temperature of your home by as much as 15 degrees. That could save you up to 60% on the cooling portion of your energy bill.
Why choose a retractable awning over a permanent structure?
Retractable awnings are perfect for homeowners who are looking to extend their living area while maintaining flexibility. At the touch of a button, you can extend or retract a Solair awning, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space however you desire – covered or uncovered. This is a level of flexibility and ease that a screen porch or sunroom can’t deliver.
Where can I buy a Solair Awning?
Solair awnings are available at fine outdoor furniture retailers across the U.S., as well as at your local awning fabricator's shop. To find a dealer near you, click here.
How long can I expect a Solair awning to last?
All Solair awnings are constructed with high-quality components, so you can rest assured that they’ll perform beautifully for years to come. And if any problem should arise, Solair has you covered with a 5- to 10-year warranty on all products.
How much does a retractable awning cost?
Solair awnings range from $2,000 up to $7,000, depending on your specific needs and wants. With Solair, you can expect a fair price and a good value.
What happens to a Solair awning when the wind blows?
A light breeze is of no concern. The awning might bounce or sway, but this will have no effect on the awning’s long-term performance. If you live in an area where sustained winds of 20 MPH are common, we would highly recommend a wind sensor. When paired with your Solair awning’s motor, it will automatically retract the awning when it detects potentially damaging winds.
Can I leave my awning out in inclement weather?
Ideally, no. Light rain will not affect your awning’s performance, but when water starts to pool on top of the fabric, it can cause damage. We recommend keeping your awning retracted when severe weather is looming. If your awning does get wet, the fabric should be allowed to dry before storing for an extended period of time.
Can I grill under my awning?
We do not recommend grilling under a Solair awning. We do not recommend keeping an open flame under your awning.
Should I have any safety concerns with a motorized awning?
No, Solair awnings are extremely safe. As long as precautions are taken to keep away from the motor while it is running, a Solair awning is a safe option for your family.